Bex Jones

Researcher. Teacher. Crafter.


Air Pollution and Solutionism

Responses to the problem of air pollution are often framed as solutions which imply and an end to the problem is possible.

Air pollution is often framed as a problem for which there is a solution rather than simply a response. Solutions imply that not only is there a ‘correct’ and positive intervention possible, but there will be a measurable improvement in the situation, and that the problem can and should come to an end if the solution is implemented properly.

Air pollution, as it is figured by scientists is not a problem that can be solved, there is no possible way of eliminating all pollution. Therefore, my research looks at this gap in perception between technical and political solutions to air pollution and the scientific concepts from which they emerge.

  • Methods. This research was based upon interviews and extensive analysis of media reports, policy documents and outreach materials from advocacy groups.